7 Kids' Shows That Are Totally Helpful for Smart College Students

Homework puts you to sleep, books take too long to read, and class material is too dry-how else can a college student learn? Take a TV break! These seven kids' shows will help you relax and learn something new at the same time:

1. Rocky and Bullwinkle

Video courtesy of bullwinklecanada

If you don't catch the Cold War references or altered fairy tales, check out the "Mr. Know-It All" segment for practical life lessons (with a twist).

2. Sesame Street

Video courtesy of Sesame Street

You already know your numbers and alphabet-but Sesame Street also serves up vocabulary lessons, celebrity appearances, TV parodies, and catchy songs.

3. Zoboomafoo

Video courtesy of Ian Pester

Claymation and a talking lemur for the kids, and useful wildlife facts for you.

4. Magic School Bus

Video courtesy of Visual Education Centre Ltd.

You'll learn about the human body, space, ecology, and more-all with Ms. Frizzle's infectious personality.

5. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Video courtesy of whosaskinnydog

This show teaches all the soft skills and life lessons that college students need: kindness, community involvement, and how to be yourself. You might also tour a factory or learn a new recipe.

6. Bill Nye the Science Guy

Video courtesy of Bill Nye

Non-scientific minds can learn concepts such as static electricity, blood circulation, and momentum with Bill Nye's expertise (and props).

7. Schoolhouse Rock

Video courtesy of Dr. Gerard Jabbow

It's the complete package: science, social studies, math, grammar, and history, all translated into classic songs.

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