Inspiring Talks for Aspiring Chief Learning Officers

Here are six inspiring videos from these chief learning officers.

We compiled several inspiration videos for those interested in becoming a Chief Learning Officer.

John Hagel III and John Seely Brown of Deloitte discuss work environment redesign.

Bror Saxberg - Chief Learning Officer at Kaplan Inc. TedX - Demystifying the Human Mind

Jane Dowd - Director, Talent Management, Takeda Pharmaceuticals US. TedX - Corporate Learning: Companies Investing In Their Future.

Will Richardson - Chief Learning Officer at Powerful Learning Practice. TedX - Learning in a Networked World: For Our Students & for Ourselves

Susan Peters - Chief Learning Officer at General Electric on management philosophy.

Anand Pillai - Chief Learning Officer at Reliance Industries Ltd. TedX - Personal Branding-Discovering Your Uniqueness:

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