Noodle Launches College Report Cards

Contact: Jillian Youngblood, Director of Communications
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NEW YORK, April 21, 2014 – Noodle, the world’s most comprehensive education site, today introduced the first-ever college meta-ratings, which aggregate information from a variety of data sources to help students choose the right colleges. Known as the Noodle College Report Cards, these meta-ratings let prospective students see how colleges perform in several areas, and make educated decisions based on the factors that are most important to them.

Noodle aims to be neutral, choosing sources that offer raw data rather than sources that assign subjective weights to certain measures. The company’s meta-ratings provide the most complete portrait of a college using five metrics:

  • Educational Quality
  • Outcomes
  • Environment
  • Selectivity
  • Influence

“If you’re just looking at one rating system, you aren’t getting the full story,” said Noodle CEO John Katzman. “College ratings are only useful when you look at them together and consider multiple sources. Noodle makes this possible.”

Noodle College Report Cards give students the freedom to decide what their needs are and compare colleges by those metrics. Other ratings systems devise formulas that place a certain degree of emphasis on various factors, like academics or environment. This means that students must rely on that source’s assessment of what’s important, even though every student has different priorities.

“There is no one-size-fits-all in education,” said Katzman. “No school gets a perfect grade in the meta-ratings system because there is no one perfect school for every person. We believe you should decide what’s most important to you in a college.”

Noodle provides detailed information on 4,483 colleges. Get an in-depth look at how we compile our Report Card here.

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