Noodle's Weekly K-12 Round-Up: Back to School Edition!

We know that you know it's back to school time.

Between your child's school sending constant reminders (via email, snail mail, phone...morse code?) to all the back to school fashion ads on TV, it's impossible to miss this time of year.

That being said, whether you're a first-time parent or a seasoned pro, you're bound to want a few tips to help make the back to school experience run smoothly (or at least quasi-smoothly) this fall.

So Noodle has put together a list of our favorite news stories and blog posts from this past week that are full of helpful advice. From the best gadgets to get your child to delicious lunches your kids can actually make themselves (yes!), we put together a list of resources to help you prepare for the upcoming school year:

If you haven't already, add POPSUGAR Moms to your bookmark bar, stat. This siteis an amazing resource for parents, and is full of tips on everything from food to fashion to health for your child. Check out their list of Back-to-School Essentials For Your Little Techie for some great gadget ideas. And their 13 Items to Add to Your Back-to-School List Now post is full of ideas for helpful items you might not have thought about during your initial back to school shopping spree!

Getting your child's lunch together, whether it's the night before or the morning of, can feel like a bit of a hassle - but it doesn't have to be! The geniuses at Babble put together a list of8 Healthy School Lunches Your Kids Can Make Themselves. These lunches are healthy, easy to make and require minimal clean up!

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Is your kid getting a little anxious for back to school time? Well The Washington Post has a list of Back-to-school books that help ease worries for your child to read, to help calm some of their stress before the first day back.

Get back to school advice from someone who_ really knows_ what she's talking about. In herCheaper Than Therapy column for Chicago Now, this mother of five (all under the age of 15 we might add!) breaks down the9 Back to school tips you won't see on the school website. Her straightforward advice is a must-read!

School supplies can be expensive. The Grio has some great tips for parents to make sure your child is well prepared this coming year, while making sure to keep costs down. From buying in bulk to getting free supplies from your local church or community center, there are some very simple ways to make back to school shopping more affordable.

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