Noodle's Weekly Round-Up: Managing Student Loans

As the new school year begins, we know that financial woes can really start to creep up on a lot of college students and their families. So in this week's Friday round-up, we wanted to share some helpful tools, articles and resources to help you manage your current or impending college debt.

TIPS: Both Forbes and Business Insiderhave helpful pieces on handling extensive student loans. Check out8 Ways To Minimize Your Child's Student Loan Debt from Forbes, and5 Ways To Manage Your Student Loan Debt And Still Pay Rent from the experts at Business Insider!

TOOLS: Looking for a helpful online tool to manage your student loans? Then check out, which helps you manage your student loan portfolio and optimize it for your own unique situation. lets you load all of your student loans into one site, get detailed information on your loans (like identifying your servicer, your monthly payment, how much you owe, when you'll be paid off, how much you'll pay over the life of your loan, etc.), see helpful graphical representations of your debt load via desktop or mobile, figure out which repayment programs you are eligible for, and create a plan for your unique situation.

THE BIG PICTURE: EdTech magazine does a great job of breaking down the current state of student debt (warning, it's not pretty!) in their piece Can the White House Reduce the Cost of College by Using Big Data? They also talk about the importance of student data in President Obama's recently announced College Scorecard, a new government tool to help students and parents find schools that are an appropriate financial fit, so they can avoid significant debt.

A VISUAL HISTORY: Writer, marketer and mother Marcela De Vivo has created a great infographic, with the help, that outlines a history of college tuition and student loans in the U.S. Click here to view the entire info graphic, and others, on Marcela's website!

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