Six Reasons to Spend Spring Break Back Home

No matter how much we adore college life, sometimes you just miss the comforts of home. So while spring break for some might mean soaking up the sun on a beach in Mexico or other equally adventurous pursuits, why not try spring breaking it with (wait for it)...your parents?

We all need a legit rest from time to time, which makes your hometown the perfect destination this spring break.

Here are my top six reasons why there's no shame in spending spring break at Hotel Mom & Dad:

1. Endless budget-friendly entertainment

Okay, so tagging along on Mom's Costco and Target errands may not exactly be Facebook "Like" worthy, but a few low-key days could be just what you need to de-stress after midterms! Plus, don't forget about the endless amounts of stuff you left behind at home when you moved into your postage stamp-sized dorm room. Chances are your entire Gilmore Girls collection or favorite Wii games didn't make the cut, and I'm sure they've missed you this semester.

2. (Free) home-cooked meals

Unless mom started charging for her famous lasagna while you were gone (hey, college isn't cheap,) being home is the perfect time to indulge in free home-cooked meals. Because I don't care how good your campus dining hall is or how often you swear that surviving on nothing but Hot Pockets during finals week is totally okay. Nothing beats a home cooked meal made with love.

3. Hometown favorites

Whether it's that indie movie theater downtown with the great popcorn or your favorite ice cream shop on Main Street, now's the time to treat yourself to all of your favorite hometown delights. If you're like me and go to school six hours away from home, you never know when you'll see another apple cider donut or pumpkin muffin coming your way again. Personally, I spend most of my college career just waiting for Pennsylvania to catch onto my favorite New England delicacies. So use spring break to your advantage, and carpe diem (or donut, in my case.)

4. Catching up with old friends

The best part about being broke in college is that most of your friends are too. I'd be willing to bet that the majority of your social circle from high school is back in your old zip code for the week right there along with you. Being that most of us have internships away from home for the summer or may be graduating and getting ready for the real world, you never know when you'll get to see your buds again. Spring break is the ideal opportunity to grab a Starbucks with your high school besties and reminisce over a few lattes.

5. Visiting your high school teachers

After all, these people invested a solid four (or more) years of their lives in you...the least you can do is stop by and show them how grown-up and successful you've become! The best part about visiting old teachers is that they're usually thrilled to see you. Plus, isn't it always fun to brag a little bit about how much you love school and how great college is?

6. A solid week of bonding time with the rents

After a few years (or even a few months) out of the house, suddenly your parents can become the two coolest people you know. When you're no longer living at home, coming back for the week can really be a treat for everybody!

And above all, who else is more thrilled to spend an entire, uninterrupted week with you than the people who raised you? Exactly.

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