Top 13 Colleges Where It's Hard to Fail

It's no secret that grade inflation at some of the nation's top colleges, law schools and business schools is at an all time high.

While Ivy League institutions like Harvard, Yale and Columbia are notoriously exclusive and difficult to get into, once students are accepted, it's actually quite difficult to flunk out.

According to a study conducted by Stuart Rojstaczer and Christopher Healy, and published in the prestigious Teachers College Record, about 43 percent of all college grades are A's, and about three-fourths of all grades are A's or B's.

Their report explains that historically, the universal curve applied to college grades: A's were about 10 percent of all grades; B's were about 20 percent; C's were about 40 percent; D's were about 20 percent; and F's were about 10 percent. And according to Drs. Rojstaczer and Healy report, in 1940 only about 15% of all grades were A's.

The site offers data on trends in grade inflation in the U.S.

Exploring this trend, Business Insider recently came up with a list of the top 13 schools in the U.S. where it's impossible to fail. Despite their selectivity, many of these schools have extremely high grade inflation and lenient grading systems - some have even eliminated grades all together!

Top 13 Schools Where It's Hard to Fail

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