Which of These 4 Law School Scholarships Best Fits You?

If you're thinking about going to law school, you're probably also thinking about how you’re going to pay for it. You’re probably thinking about that part a lot.

Law school isn’t cheap, students can expect to borrow an average of $70-90,000 before they graduate. Fortunately there are plenty of options to help law students ease their financial burden.

Law school scholarships are offered for a wide variety of reasons to a diverse selection of students. There are general scholarships available to all students who qualify, as well as scholarships for students from under-represented or minority groups.

The kind of payouts that these scholarships vary widely as well. There is everything from large $10,000 dollar scholarships from organizations like The Federal Circuit Bar Association to smaller $500 supplemental scholarships like the Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard, P.C. Scholarship. Take the time to explore your options, you may find a scholarship that is tailor-fit to your needs.

General Scholarships

These scholarships are mostly merit-based scholarships that students from any background can apply for. These types of scholarships are offered by a wide variety of organizations including private scholarship foundations, law firms or any number of philanthropic organizations. These types of general scholarships are highly competitive, make sure you put your best foot forward when you apply for these scholarships.

State or Local Scholarships

There may be scholarships available to you based on where you are from, or where you will be attending school. For example, The Connecticut Association of Professional Financial Aid Administrators offers financial aid for students attending a professional or graduate school in the state of Connecticut, and organizations like the Iranian American Bar Association offer financial aid to law students of Iranian heritage. These aren’t the only two of course, depending on where you are going and where you are from, there may be plenty of these types of scholarships available to you.

Diversity Scholarships

Many scholarships are intended to increase diversity among graduate law students, and help minority groups pass the bar exam. Organizations like the Incorporated Society of Irish American Lawyers, the Japanese American Citizens League or the Black Women Lawyer’s Association offer assistance for under-represented demographics. Use your background to your advantage, and see if you qualify for any diversity scholarships.

Special Scholarships

There are also scholarships that are available to students due to certain special circumstances. Organizations like Families of Freedom offers scholarships to students who were affected by 9/11, Birth Injury Justice helps students whose lives have been affected by a birth injury and the Ashley Rose Honorary Diabetes Law Student Scholarship funds students who have been affected by diabetes. These are only a few examples, if you suspect one or more aspects of your life may qualify you for a special scholarship, certainly take the time to apply.