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Advertising Art Educational Services DBA School of Advertising Art

Advertising Art Educational Services DBA School of Advertising Art is an Associate's college with 140 students located in Kettering, OH.

Offers Associate Degrees


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Also Consider

Student Life

Student Life

Student Body

Total Undergraduates 140
Gender 35% Male / 65% Female
Enrollment Breakdown 99% Full Time / 1% Part Time
Geography 96% In State / 4% Out of State / % International
Socio-Economic Diversity 39% of students received Pell Grants, which are provided by the U.S. government to students from middle and lower income families. It gives you an idea of a school’s socio-economic diversity.
Ethnic Diversity
White 91%
Hispanic/Latino 1%
Black or African American 4%
Asian 4%


  • Government or Political Activity

Student Services

  • Academic Support Services: tutoring
  • Computer Services: 0 public computers wireless network available student web hosting available computer repair service available on campus
  • Counseling Services: career counseling financial aid counseling personal counseling placement services for graduates
  • Facilities
  • Special Needs Services: wheelchair accessibility
  • Specialty Programs (ROTC, Accelerated Programs, Professional Development, etc.): internships
  • Transfer In Services
  • Transfer Out Services



Popular Majors

Commercial and Advertising Art (100%)

Majors Offered


A program in the applied visual arts that prepares individuals to use artistic techniques to effectively communicate ideas and information to business and consumer audiences via illustrations and other forms of digital or printed media. Includes instruction in concept design, layout, paste-up, and techniques such as engraving, etching, silkscreen, lithography, offset, drawing and cartooning, painting, collage, and computer graphics.

Job Opportunities:

Artists and Related Workers, All Other
All artists and related workers not listed separately.
Commercial and Industrial Designers
Develop and design manufactured products, such as cars, home appliances, and children's toys. Combine artistic talent with research on product use, marketing, and materials to create the most functional and appealing product design.
Graphic Designers
Design or create graphics to meet specific commercial or promotional needs, such as packaging, displays, or logos. May use a variety of mediums to achieve artistic or decorative effects.

Administration & Faculty

President Jessica Barry
Accredited by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges
Full-time Faculty 8
Student : Faculty Ratio 12 : 1
Faculty Gender (% Male : Female) 62 : 37
Percentage of Faculty Members
Non-Tenure Track Faculty 100




Selectivity Score: 46/100

Acceptance Rate: 66.1% accepted of 289 applications

Admission Considerations

Very Important: Level Of Applicants Interest, Talent Ability, Interview

Important: Academic GPA, Character Personal Qualities

Also Considered: Work Experience, Application Essay, Extracurricular Activities, Recommendations, Rigor Of Secondary School Record, Volunteer Work

High School Curriculum (years of study):
Required Recommended
English 0 4
Visual Performing Arts 0 3

Other Application Information: Please contact college for information about its use of SAT scores SAT or ACT

Admissions Websites



Average Net Tuition

The average student pays $31,602 for tuition, fees, and other expenses, after grants and scholarships.

Household Income Real Cost
$0-$30K $28,877
$30K-$48K $29,033
$48K-$75K $36,014
$75K-$110K $35,643
$110K+ $36,952

Sticker Price

Total stated tuition is $22,848, in-state and on-campus, before financial aid.

On-Campus Off-Campus
Stated Tuition $22,848 Same as On-Campus
Fees $780 Same as On-Campus
Housing N/A $9,549
Books $2,550 $2,550
Total (before financial aid) $26,178 $35,727

Students Receiving Aid

64% of students receive some form of financial aid.

Undergrads Receiving Aid Average Aid Amount
Federal Loans 91% $5,959
Federal Scholarships/Grants 39% $4,313
Institutional Grants 50% $4,610
Other Loans 9% $16,225
Pell Grants 39% $4,313
Student Loans 91% $7,480

Financial Aid Websites

Learn more about financial aid at

Estimate the net price for you at

Alumni and Outcomes

Alumni and Outcomes

Graduation Rates

60% of students graduated on time.

60% of students graduated in six years.

83% of full time students continued studying at this school after freshman year.

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