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North Central Institute

North Central Institute is an Associate's college with 134 students located in Clarksville, TN.

Offers Associate Degrees, Open Admissions


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Student Life

Student Life

Student Body

Total Undergraduates 134
Gender 96% Male / 4% Female
Enrollment Breakdown 67% Full Time / 33% Part Time
Socio-Economic Diversity 28% of students received Pell Grants, which are provided by the U.S. government to students from middle and lower income families. It gives you an idea of a school’s socio-economic diversity.
Ethnic Diversity
White 74%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 1%
Multi-racial 3%
Hispanic/Latino 5%
Ethnicity Unknown 3%
Black or African American 12%
Asian 1%
American Indian or Alaska Native 1%

Student Services

  • Career And Alumni Services
  • Libraries



Popular Majors

Avionics Maintenance Technology/Technician (100%)

Majors Offered


A program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to repair, service, and maintain all types of aircraft operating, control, and electronic systems. Includes instruction in flight instrumentation, aircraft communications and homing systems, radar and other sensory systems, navigation aids, and specialized systems for various types of civilian and military aircraft.

Job Opportunities:

Avionics Technicians
Install, inspect, test, adjust, or repair avionics equipment, such as radar, radio, navigation, and missile control systems in aircraft or space vehicles.
Aircraft Structure, Surfaces, Rigging, and Systems Assemblers
Assemble, fit, fasten, and install parts of airplanes, space vehicles, or missiles, such as tails, wings, fuselage, bulkheads, stabilizers, landing gear, rigging and control equipment, or heating and ventilating systems.

Administration & Faculty

President Tamela Taliento
Accredited by Council on Occupational Education
Full-time Faculty 5
Student : Faculty Ratio 18 : 1
Faculty Gender (% Male : Female) 100 :
Percentage of Faculty Members
No Status Faculty 100




Selectivity Score: 22/100

Alumni and Outcomes

Alumni and Outcomes

Graduation Rates

54% of students graduated on time.

76% of students graduated in six years.

73% of full time students continued studying at this school after freshman year.



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