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    Instead of a way with words, do you have a way with visuals?

    A graphic designer communicates in images—think logos and advertising—through various media such as digital, photography, and illustration. You’ll study how fonts and images can be used to create a specific look or identity for a client. You’ll also learn to use the latest graphic design software.

    Courses include history of graphic design, art history, design techniques, computer art applications, CAD, typography, production design and an graphic design studio, where you’ll spend time working on projects such as corporate logos, web design, and magazine layouts. As a graduate, the graphic artist will design layouts for newspapers, magazine, and journals; produce promotional displays, packaging, and brochures for businesses, as well as logos and signage. Some work on interactive media and developing material for websites. Advertisers, publishers and computer design firms hire graphic design grads. Job titles include design director, advertising designer, exhibit designer, creative director, art director, and book jacket designer.

    Graphic designer Paul Rand believed that in order for a design to make a lasting impact it must be “designed with the utmost simplicity and restraint.” The proof: the logos he created for top brands IBM, UPS, and Apple.

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