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    Curious about the inner workings of the mind, and want to help people deal with mental disorders? You may find this social science to be a satisfying career path. Psychologists diagnose and evaluate mental and emotional disorders. They study human behavior by observing, interpreting and recording how people interact with one another and their environments. Those observations help solve everyday problems.

    The coursework prepares you to be a counselor, a school psychologist, industrial-organizational psychologist, researcher, and developmental or social psychologist. Work settings are varied too: you can work independently (either in research or with patients), as part of a healthcare team, such as physicians and social workers, in research centers, and in schools or offices, It’s usually a 9-5 job, but if you’re in private practice, you may work some nights and weekends.

    Psychologists need a doctorate or specialist degree in psychology, but a master’s degree may be enough for some positions. A license or certification is also required. Courses are usually lectures and seminars on topics such as perception and sensation, cognitive psychology, social psychology, personality, statistics, and neuroscience.

    Actress Natalie Portman, and political satirist Jon Stewart both earned B.A. in psychology.

    • Hebrew Theological College

      Hebrew Theological College Save

      7135 N Carpenter Rd, Skokie, IL 60077

      Hebrew Theological College in Skokie, IL is a full-time, intense Yeshiva with career-oriented college options. HTC's Saul Silber Memorial Library is reportedly known by Jewish scholars throughout the world. learn more

      Seminary / Bible College, Religiously affiliated
    • William Jessup University

      William Jessup University Save

      333 Sunset Blvd., Rocklin, CA 95765

      William Jessup University is Protestant college with 1047 students located in Rocklin, CA. learn more

      Seminary / Bible College, Religiously affiliated
    • Oak Hills Christian College

      Oak Hills Christian College Save

      1600 Oak Hills Rd SW, Bemidji, MN 56601

      Oak Hills Christian College is Christian college with 143 students located in Bemidji, MN. learn more

      Seminary / Bible College, Religiously affiliated
    • Dallas Christian College

      Dallas Christian College Save

      2700 Christian Pkwy., Dallas, TX 75234

      "All majors are Bible-based at Dallas Christian College - "a great place to come and learn about the Kingdom of God" - and Christian leadership is a very big deal here. Students lead weekly dorm devotions; chapel services are held ... learn more

      Seminary / Bible College, Religiously affiliated
    • Great Lakes Christian College

      Great Lakes Christian College Save

      6211 W Willow Hwy, Lansing, MI 48917

      "Great Lakes Christian College was founded in 1949 by the Church of Christ. Its mission is to "glorify God by equipping students to be Christ-like disciples who are prepared to serve in preaching ministries, church-related occupational ministries, or other Christian ... learn more

      Seminary / Bible College, Open Admissions, Religiously affiliated
    • The Sage Colleges

      The Sage Colleges Save

      65 1st Street, Troy, NY 12180

      The Sage Colleges is college with 1699 students located in Troy, NY. learn more

      Focus on Undergraduate Professions, Alternative, Focus on Undergraduate Arts and Science
    • Palo Alto University

      Palo Alto University Save

      1791 Arastradero Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94304

      Palo Alto University is college with 191 students located in Palo Alto, CA. learn more

      Medicine and Allied Health School
    • Cincinnati Christian University

      Cincinnati Christian University Save

      2700 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45204

      Cincinnati Christian University is Christian college with 676 students located in Cincinnati, OH. learn more

      Seminary / Bible College, Religiously affiliated
    • Argosy University-Washington DC

      Argosy University-Washington DC Save

      1550 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 600, Arlington, VA 22209

      Argosy University-Washington DC is college with 134 students located in Arlington, VA. learn more

      Open Admissions, Medicine and Allied Health School

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