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    Discover and review the 45 guidance counselors in Minnesota with Noodle. Filter by area of practice, focus and distance near you.

    • Donna Kelly

      Donna Kelly Save

      5100 Edina Industrial Blvd., Minneapolis, MN 55439

      Donna Kelly is , affiliated with College Connectors in Minneapolis, MN. learn more

    • Rebecca Aadland-Schoper

      Rebecca Aadland-Schoper Save

      Minnetonka, MN

      Rebecca Aadland-Schoper is NCC certified and offers career, psychological, and family counseling in Minnetonka, MN. learn more

      Subjects: Career, Psychological, Other, Family
    • Audrey Lidke

      Audrey Lidke Save

      Rochester, MN

      Audrey Lidke is NCC, NCCC certified and offers career, and school counseling in Rochester, MN. learn more

      Subjects: Career, School, Other
    • Joan OConnell

      Joan OConnell Save

      Saint Paul, MN

      Joan OConnell is NCC, NCCC certified and offers career counseling in Saint Paul, MN. learn more

      Subjects: Career
    • Suzanne Luse

      Suzanne Luse Save

      3588 Woodland Trail, Eagan, MN 55123

      Suzanne Luse is CEP certified, affiliated with Suzanne Luse & Associates in Eagan, MN. learn more

    • Heidi Schiltz

      Heidi Schiltz Save

      Albert Lee, MN

      Heidi Schiltz is NCC certified and offers family counseling in Albert Lee, MN. learn more

      Subjects: Other, Family
    • Deborah Landon

      Deborah Landon Save

      4424 Abbott Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55410

      Deborah Landon is , affiliated with Landon Education, LLC in Minneapolis, MN. learn more

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    • There are 45 Guidance Counselors in Minnesota.

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