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How to Stop Grinding Your Teeth At Night

Watch more Sleep Tips videos: Subscribe to Howcast's YouTube Channel - Learn how to stop grinding your teeth at night with these tips. Howcast uploads the highest quality how-to videos daily! Be sure to check out our playlists for guides that interest you: Subscribe to Howcast's other YouTube Channels: Howcast Health Channel - Howcast Video Games Channel - Howcast Tech Channel - Howcast Food Channel - Howcast Arts & Recreation Channel - Howcast Sports & Fitness Channel - Howcast Personal Care & Style Channel - Howcast empowers people with engaging, useful how-to information wherever, whenever they need to know how. Emphasizing high-quality instructional videos, Howcast brings you experts who provide accurate information in easy-to-follow tutorials on everything from makeup, hairstyling, nail art design, and soccer to parkour, skateboarding, dancing, kissing, and much, much more. Step 1: Know the signs Know the signs of sleep bruxism: Worn down, loose, or sensitive teeth; waking up with a headache or sore jaw; tongue indentations; and chewed-up patches on the inside of your cheeks. If you notice these, see your dentist. An abnormal bite and crooked teeth are sometimes the problems. Tip Bed partners are often the first to notice their companion's teeth grinding. Step 2: Consider other sleep problems Consider other sleep problems, like loud snoring interrupted by pauses that are followed by gasping for breath or choking. These are signs of a condition called sleep apnea, and many sufferers also grind their teeth. See a doctor if these symptoms apply to you. Step 3: Reduce stress If you -- like many sufferers -- believe your nocturnal gnashing is due to stress, take steps to reduce it: Work out more, meditate, or learn some deep breathing exercises. Step 4: Watch your drinking Watch your alcohol and caffeine intake. Too much of either has been linked to teeth grinding. Tip If you smoke, try to quit; smoking may increase your risk of developing sleep bruxism. Step 5: Get a mouth guard Try wearing a mouth guard at night. It won't prevent grinding, but it will protect your teeth. Find them at drug stores and sporting goods stores. For a more comfortable fit, ask your dentist to customize one for you. Step 6: Sleep on your side Sleep on your stomach or your side. Back sleeping may contribute to grinding. Sweet dreams! Did You Know? Approximately 8 percent of U.S. adults grind their teeth at night.
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