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How To Break Up With Someone on Valentine's Day

Watch more Happy Valentine's Day videos: Subscribe to Howcast's YouTube Channel - Learn how to break up with someone on Valentine's Day -- without getting killed. Howcast uploads the highest quality how-to videos daily! Be sure to check out our playlists for guides that interest you: Subscribe to Howcast's other YouTube Channels: Howcast Health Channel - Howcast Video Games Channel - Howcast Tech Channel - Howcast Food Channel - Howcast Arts & Recreation Channel - Howcast Sports & Fitness Channel - Howcast Personal Care & Style Channel - Howcast empowers people with engaging, useful how-to information wherever, whenever they need to know how. Emphasizing high-quality instructional videos, Howcast brings you experts who provide accurate information in easy-to-follow tutorials on everything from makeup, hairstyling, nail art design, and soccer to parkour, skateboarding, dancing, kissing, and much, much more. Step 1: Be a coward Take the cowardly way out and drop the bomb in an email. If you go with this option, take the day off so you can barricade yourself inside your home. Push the heaviest object you own against the front door. Or go on vacation. Step 2: Consider professional help Consider hiring a professional breakup service. Some will do the deed in person, delivering a "Breakup Basket" that can include a CD of classic break-up songs and plenty of chocolate. Pricey? Yes. But remember all the money you're saving on candlelit dinners. Step 3: Have a friend do it Have a friend handle the breakup for you. Pick someone who never liked your partner in the first place. Step 4: Do it in person If you can find the courage, do it in person. The classic setting is a fancy restaurant, where your partner won't want to make a scene. Tip If you go with a restaurant, order a drink and entr?e that won't stain, just in case it does end up dumped on your head. Step 5: Brush up on clich?s Brush up on cop-out clich?s, like, "It's not _you_; it's _me_," "You deserve someone so much better," and, "I just don't know how to love." Step 6: Practice speeches Practice offering the usual patronizing speeches, like, "You're going to meet someone wonderful who truly appreciates you for how special you are." Step 7: Rehearse self-flagellation Rehearse the following until you can sound sincere saying it: "I know. I'm a jerk. I don't deserve to be in the human race." Step 8: Be prepared Be prepared to answer the inevitable query, "How could you do this to me on Valentine's Day?!" The question will not be rhetorical. Did You Know? Jennifer Lopez broke up with Sean "P. Diddy" Combs on Valentine's Day in 2001.
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