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So you want to be an architect - Part 7

Learn design with Doug Patt at his live virtual webcam studio. Hi. Im Doug Patt and this is Part 7 and the final episode of So you want to be an architect. Architecture like many things is about many things and Im sure Ill leave some things out but here goes... Architecture starts with Getting into school then staying in the major. Working harder than youre used to. All-nighters. Problem solving. Fine tuning bad habits. Getting sidetracked. Learning how to draw and make models. Learning how nervous you can get in front of an audience. Maybe Failing. Probably Passing. Getting a degree or maybe a couple. Debt. Traveling. Graduating. Working. Not getting paid so well. Wondering why youre not an investment banker. Finishing the intern development program. Studying for the seven parts of the exam. Glad its not four days like it used to be. Taking the test. Failing the one part you thought youd never fail. Taking it again. Wondering why you took the exam. Working for someone. Getting clients. Keeping clients. Documenting the site. Analyzing the site. Evaluating zoning codes. Listening to the client. Dreaming. Inventing. Learning. Questioning. Studying the program. Creating a schematic design. Making changes. Developing the design. Making changes. Learning how to work with other people. Evaluating your compliance to zoning and building codes. Making changes. Wondering why you have clients. Working with Structural engineers. Mechanical engineers, Electrical engineers, audiovisual engineers, Landscape architects, Interior designers, construction managers, owners representatives and general contractors. Coordinating professionals. Drawing plans, elevations, building sections, walls sections, and details. Redrawing the drawings you just drew. Writing specifications. Staying up late. Meeting with the clients. Making changes. Preparing the bid documents. Reviewing the bids. Decision-making. Observing construction. Problem solving. Meeting with the client. Arguing with the contractor. Learning a lot. Teaching a little. Running site meetings. Making changes. Losing sleep. Creating change orders. Getting an earful. Doing punch lists. Approving final payment. Working for your self. Hiring people. Firing people. Learning the law. Working at eliminating bad habits you acquired when you were in college. Putting it all together. Making money. Working harder. Dreaming of change. Inventing. Aspiring. Procreating. Consuming. Getting what you always wanted. Not really. Living with what you got and hopefully needing nothing more. And that concludes; so you want to be an architect, part 7. Im Doug Patt. See you next time.
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