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Japanese Idiom 味をしめる Develop a Taste For...

THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! If you like this video and think it helped you with your Japanese, please support our efforts by buying your Japanese books from -- where you can find quality educational materials at the best prices around.See the webpage for fuller explanations and more audio: the video is too hard for you, please review the vocabulary below. 一度ついたうそがばれなかったので、味をしめた彼はうそばかりついている。 ichido tsuita uso ga barenakatta node, aji wo shimeta kare wa uso bakari tsuiteiru. He told one lie and got away with it. Having developed a taste for it, he lies all the time now.Vocabulary 一度 ichido - once ついたうそ tsuita uso - a lie that was told ばれなかった barenakatta - didn't get caught ので node - therefore; that being the case; because of 彼 kare - he うそ uso - lie ?ばかり ~bakari - only; always (lying) ついている tsuiteiru - telling (lies)-----About "barenakatta"ばれる bareru is a good and useful word that can be confusing. Here (and most often) it means "to leak a secret" or "to be exposed."So "barenakatta" is "bareru" (to be exposed) + "nakatta" (the simple past negative) = wasn't exposedI looked it up online and there seems to be no agreement on its origins and I also don't think there is a kanji for it.
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