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Japanese Dialogues: Meeting and Greetings

THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! If you like this video and think it helped you with your Japanese, please support our efforts by buying your Japanese textbooks, kanji, and JLPT prep books from -- where you can find quality educational materials at the best prices around. [We DEEPLY appreciate your support!]See the full webpage for more information about this dialogue:はじめまして、マイクと申します。hajimemashite, maiku to moushimasu.Hello, I'm Mike.はじめまして、由美です。hajimemashite, yumi desu.Nice to meet you. I'm Yumi.どうぞよろしくおねがいします。douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.Nice to meet you.どこから?ましたか?doko kara kimashita ka?Where are you from?アメリカです。amerika desu.America.アメリカのどこですか?amerika no doko desu ka?Where in America?フロリダ州です。furorida shuu desu.Florida.フロリダは暑いでしょう。furorida wa atsui deshou.Florida is hot, isn't it?はい、暑いです。hai, atsui desu.Yes, it is hot.由美さんの出身はどこですか?yumi san no shusshin wa doko desu ka?Where are you (Yumi) from?東京です。toukyou desu.Tokyo.僕は東京が好きです。boku wa toukyou ga suki desu.I like Tokyo.そうですか?あ、私はそろそろ仕事に行かなくちゃ。sou desu ka? a, watashi wa sorosoro shigoto ni ikanakucha.Really? Oh, I have to go to work soon.それじゃあ、また。sore jaa, mata.Well then, see you later.はい、さようなら。hai, sayounara.Yes, goodbye.
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