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Japanese Dialogues: Directions to the Library

Just added MP3s to download on website: Please see the website for a full list of vocabulary words and commentary on the Japanese. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, download our FREE Japanese dialogues app: JAPANESE DIALOGUES: Directions How do I get to the library from here? すみません。 sumimasen. Excuse me. [When trying to get someone's attention, say "sumimasen." ] はい。 hai. Yes. ?書館はどこかご存知ですか? toshokan wa dokoka gozonji desu ka? Do you know where the library is? [An easier, but less polite way to ask is, "toshokan wa doko desu ka?" Where is the library?] はい、そんなに遠くないですよ。 hai, sonna ni tookunai desu yo. Yes, it isn't that far. ["sonna ni" - so much; to such an extent] ここからだとどうやっていけばいいですか? koko kara dato douyatte ikeba ii desu ka? How do I get there from here? ["da to" here means "in such a case": considering from here, how should I go?] このとおりをまっすぐ行って、信?で右に曲がってください。 kono toori wo massugu itte, shingou de migi ni magatte kudasai. Go straight down this street and turn right at the light. [When giving directions in a car or taxi, you should say, "migi ni magatte kudasai" (please turn right) or "hidari ni magatte kudasai" (please turn left)] ここをまっすぐ、そして右に曲がるんですね。 koko wo massugu, soshite migi ni magarun desu ne. Down this street then turn right, right?" ["ne" is a sentence ender with many functions. It can be used for emphasis, requesting confirmation, showing agreement, or just to soften the sentence.] そうです。800メ?トルほど行くと見えてきます。 sou desu. happyaku me-toru hodo iku to mietekimasu. Yes. Go about 800 meters and you will see it. ["iku to" - if you go ~; miete kimasu - (you will) begin to be able to see] ありがとうございます。 arigatou gozaimasu. Thank you. 赤いレンガ造りのビルの?にあります。 akai renga zukuri no biru no yoko ni arimasu. It is next to a red brick building. ["renga zukuri" - brick built; 木造り ki zukuri - wood construction] 右側ですか?左側ですか? migigawa desu ka? hidarigawa desuka? Is it on the right or the left side? 右側です。 migigawa desu. It is on the right. ありがとうございました。 arigatou gozaimashita. Thank you so much.
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