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Wednesdays @ 10PM Ep on Discovery ARK OF THE COVENANT The Ark of the Covenant, a golden chest built to hold the Ten Commandments, is one of the most important religious artifacts in the world. Jews, Christians, and Muslims believe that it was the presence of God on earth. But over 2500 years ago, the Ark disappeared. Ever since, legends, theories and Hollywood blockbusters have tried to explain what happened to it. Was it destroyed or captured? Or could it still exist? Olly explores the plausibility of one of the most exciting theories: that the famous Ark of the Covenant was smuggled out of Jerusalem, through the deserts of Egypt, into Ethiopia and that the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Church - a sect of Christianity millions strong - believes they protect that very same Ark to this day. Journalist Oliver "Olly" Steeds travels to the ends of the earth to investigate the truth behind some of the world's biggest mysteries. From the lost city of Atlantis to the Ark of the Covenant to the Nazca Lines, Olly doesn't just talk to the theorist experts; he puts their controversial claims to the test. Olly employs hidden cameras, holds clandestine meetings with smugglers, treks to remote locations to see relics, and throws himself head-long and hands-on into the native rituals to get the real story and weed out the myths.
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