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90 year old witch doctor sucks on my maggot infested finger and healed it!

I was traveling down river to visit a 90 year old Shamana (a female "Witch Doctor). Josias was convinced that she could help me with a very unusual and grotesque ailment I contracted when I was in the jungle a year and a half prior. A few weeks after returning home from my "sunstroke" tour, I healed and my body began to feel much better. My feeling of a prompt death became a distant memory. The only thing my body had to remind me of my time in the jungle was a single bug bite on my left index finger. Originally I assumed it was just a regular painful bite from one of the 1,000's of insects that declared war on my body, but as the others healed this did not. As the weeks passed it progressively got worse. It became red and yellow and soon spread until my entire finger became painfully inflamed, and bloody. The pain on the surface of the skin dwarfed in comparison to the chronic itching beneath the skin, that could not be relieved. Soon I could see small bubbles deep beneath the skin, close to the bone. 50-60 at a time day by day would slowly rise closer to the surface of the skin. As the mysterious bubbles eventually broke through my skin, a new group bubbles would emerge deep within creating a deep assembly line of skin eruptions which soon gave my finger a honeycomb of pinhole wounds. Many people refuse to shake my left hand till this day. Since I am procrastinator that fears doctors, I lived with it for about a year before I decided I should seek medical attention. The doctor entered his examining room with the body language of "same shit different day" "Good afternoon Mr. Johnson, what can I do for you today?" as he began to read my medical chart his demeanor suddenly changed and his eyes seemed to light up with excitement and he said, "Wow, this is a new one for me. Please let me see." I chuckled as he examined my bloody finger with the enthusiasm of a jeweler examining a rare gem. "Wow this is incredible! I have been practicing medicine for 30 years and I have never seen this before in my life." That was not what I wanted to hear or pay for. "Do you mind if I show this to other doctors?" he asked. I said "No problem." He left the room and quickly returned with seven other doctors. They gathered around me in a huddle while sharing a magnifying glass. As they all poked and prodded they peppered me with questions, where I was, what was I doing. Yet none of them could identify my problem. They all decided to refer to their tropical ailments textbook. I sat in the examining room for about 30 minutes until they returned and concluded that I have sub-cutanious larva - basically my finger was a hive for tiny maggots. They then prescribed medicine for me to that "may" kill the larva. Then I receive many thanks from the doctors for making their day interesting, yet no handshakes. After reading the side effect warnings on the medicine box I decided I rather live with the finger worms then ingest the foul chemicals in the medicine they gave me. I chose to live with them until I returned to the jungle and meet with a shaman. Plus, my 5-year old daughter got attached to it, she even named my finger wormy and make me talk with it like a puppet. But soon me and my maggots had to return to the jungle to seek a cure.
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