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What is LingQ all about? A brief introduction.

Transcript: ---- Hi, I'm Steve, founder of LingQ and I've learned 10 languages the LingQ way. At LingQ, we don't teach you a language. Nobody can teach you. You have to learn yourself...with help of course. Let's say you want to learn Spanish. You'll begin with a lesson from the Spanish library. As you read the lesson, you come across words you don't know. These words are highlighted in blue. If you hover on a blue word, you see 3 possible meanings or "hints" for this word. Select one of these hints, or click New Hint to search a dictionary and add your own hint. Great! You have just created a LingQ! You can see that the blue word has now turned yellow. And will show up yellow in all future texts. To learn Spanish, or any other language, you need to create lots and lots of LingQs. Don't just LingQ unknown words, LingQ all words you're unsure of. You can't create too many LingQs! Review your LingQs using flashcards, cloze tests or our iPhone App. And, of course, in any lesson, review your yellow LingQs just by hovering on them. Download your lessons to your mp3 player and listen many times. Listening is key. Listen on your way to work. Listen while exercising or washing dishes. Try and listen every day. This process of listening and reading while reviewing new vocabulary will really help you become fluent. When you're ready, move on to a new lesson. That's it. It's that simple. If you have any questions, ask for help on the community. Soon you'll want to submit writing and have conversations with tutors. Before you know it you'll be speaking Spanish! Good luck!
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