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Video A Day - "Bad Kids" by Lady Gaga on Guitar

Sign up for free iOS apps! Guitar Chords Used in the Song The song "Bad Kids" uses standard tuning and the following chords on the guitar: How to Play a C#5 Chord How to Play an E5 Chord How to Play a B5 Chord How to Play an A ChordHow to Play a B Chord How to Play a C#m Chord How to Play an F#m Chord Form of the Song "Bad Kids" by Lady Gaga comes from the pop sensation's 2011 record, Born This Way. The rebel dance track accompanies some of the year's biggest singles by Gaga, using a '80s dance beat with a modern techno beats. The album features a mix of upbeat dance songs and darker club songs with a couple slower, melodic tracks to break them up. This song is one of the more intricate Lady Gaga ones to play on guitar, but it is not too difficult. The song has a unique timing for its strumming pattern, using anticipation by hitting the some of the chords slightly before you would normally expect. The bridge uses same form as pre-chorus, and most of the chords are basic. The C#m and F#m chords are bar chords, but very easily learned. Follow along to the video and learn the different chords and their progression. Practice the chords and their transitions to "Bad Kids" by Lady Gaga using the following song structure: * Intro * Verse 1 * Pre-chorus * Chorus * Verse 2 * Pre-chorus * Chorus * Breakdown/bridge * Chorus * Outro Read more by visiting our page at:
Length: 04:32


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