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How to Play "You're Not Sorry" by Taylor Swift on Guitar

Sign up for free iOS apps! Guitar Chords Used in the Song "You're Not Sorry" translates to the guitar, dropping to Eb tuning and using these chords: How to Play an Em ChordHow to Play a C?ChordHow to Play a?G?ChordHow to Play a?D?Chord Form of the Song "You're Not Sorry" is a soft piano ballad by Taylor Swift from her 2008 album release, Fearless. This track, along with the rest of the album, is a step toward a more mature sound for Swift, involving herself more in the songwriting process compared to her self-titled debut.? The?Fearless?record is a further step for the coming-of-age girl who uses her music as a catalyst to grow through her adolescent troubles. The record broke album sales records during its opening week, taking the top chart spot and rewarding Swift with Grammys for both the year's best album and best country album.? This particular song was composed and recorded on piano for the album. To match the guitar up, drop the tuning down to Eb tuning. The song uses only four chords, some of the most basic chords, with a strumming pattern that is open for interpretation, since the song is a piano ballad. Follow along with the video and learn the chords and come up with your own guitar interpretation to the song. Taylor Swift's "You're Not Sorry" uses the following song structure below: Intro Verse? Chorus Verse Chorus Bridge Chorus Read more by visiting our page at:
Length: 03:51


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