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How to Play "Fearless" by Taylor Swift on Guitar

Sign up for free iOS apps! Guitar Chords Used in the Song The song is set in standard guitar tuning with a capo placed on the third fret and uses the following chords: How to Play a D Chord* How to Play an Asus4 Chord (video coming soon) How to Play a Em7 Chord How to Play a G Chord How to Play an A Chord How to Play a Bm Chord How to Play a C Chord * How to Play a D/F# Chord (video coming soon) Form of the Song "Fearless" by Taylor Swift is the album-titled single from her 2008 sophomore record release, Fearless. The song was an anthem to her album's concept, becoming the fifth but least successful single from the record in 2010, as the buzz from the album slowed. She was release a third album later that year, creating quite a stir once again. The record-breaking, multi-platinum record "Fearless" hit number one immediately on the charts, making it one of the best-selling records in the previous five years. The record received a strong response after her debut album's fourth single "Picture to Burn" was released just prior to the new album, keeping her momentum moving strong. "Fearless" uses a handful of basic guitar chords. The Asus4 and D/F# may sound difficult, but they are simply variations of the basic chords A and D. The structure and rhythm of the song are fairly simple to learn. Follow along with the video to get the picking and strumming patterns of the song. "Fearless" uses the following song structure: * Intro * Verse 1 * Verse 2 * Chorus * Verse 3 * Chorus * Bridge * Chorus (repeat) Read more by visiting our page at:
Length: 05:48


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