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How to Play "Here Comes The Sun" by The Beatles on Guitar

Sign up for free iOS apps! Guitar Chords Used in the Song "Here Comes the Sun" uses standard tuning with capo on the seventh fret and the following guitar chords: How to Play a D Chord How to Play a G Chord How to Play an A7 Chord How to Play an E7 ChordHow to Play an A Chord How to Play an F Chord Form of the Song "Here Comes the Sun" is the highly popularized morning melody from British rockers, The Beatles, off of their 1969 Abbey Road record. The song was written and composed by guitarist, George Harrison.? Although his songwriting did not shine through until later records, Harrison contributed some of the Beatles most well-received tunes, including "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and "Something", which is also on the Abbey Road album.Abbey Road is named after the studio used to record the album. Abbey Road Studios is now a worldly monument that houses now famed acts, like Oasis and The Verve, to unveil their own new music while paying tribute to one of rock's best groups. The song uses a simplistic picking pattern, and it is usually only incorporating three chords at a time. There are only a handful of chords, and with the capo on the seventh fret, the finger movement is minimal. Follow along with the video to learn the chords and some of the added finger movements during the picking parts, as well as the strumming patterns for the song. "Here Comes the Sun" uses the following song form: * Intro * Chorus ("Here comes the sun...")? * Verse 1 ("Little darling...") * Chorus * Verse 2 * Chorus * Bridge ("Sun, sun, sun...") * Verse 3 * Chorus (2x) * Outro Read more by visiting our page at:
Length: 06:39


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