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How to Play Because by The Beatles on Guitar

Sign up for free iOS apps! Guitar Chords Used in the Song "Because" uses standard tuning and the following guitar chords: How to Play a C#m Chord * How to Play a D#m7b5 Chord (video coming soon) How to Play a G# Chord How to Play an A ChordHow to Play an A7 Chord How to Play an A13 Chord How to Play a D Chord Form of the Song "Because" is the Beethoven-influenced Beatles song from the band's studio record, Abbey Road, released in 1969. The album features the four Beatles crossing Abbey Road on the cover. Abbey Road Studios was the place used to record the album, which is now a universal musical landmark.? The song was written and composed by John Lennon, sung in three-part harmony alongside Paul McCartney and George Harrison. The vocals are triple layered, making nine vocals from the three Beatles singers. The song uses influence from Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata." The song features electric harpsichord alongside the guitar. The guitar arpeggiates the above chords throughout the song. In other words, you will use a picking pattern for the different chords, as opposed to strumming.? Beginners can follow along to the video to learn the chord's finger positions, but there are not too many chords, so learning the chords and the picking pattern is all it takes.?"Because" uses the following song form: * Intro * Verse * Verse * Bridge * Verse * Outro Read more by visiting our page at:
Length: 05:04


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