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7 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Yes I caught a COLD! Booooooo!!! Chriselle and I are here to show you guys 7 different ways to wear your scarf! It doesn't matter if it's freezing or if you live in the desert, scarves are cute and they can make the biggest statement on any outfit! You can dress up or dress down your outfit with a simple scarf! Invest in a beautiful scarf, they're the most versatile piece in your wardrobe! Please follow Chriselle and I at ? ? ? If you have a Facebook, please add us! ? ? Music by Mindy Gledhill! Please check out her songs here! Circus Girl Whole Wide World Step by Step instructions THE TURTLENECK SCARF 1. Drape your scarf behind you 2. Cross over the two sides 3.Bring them foward 4.grab both ends of the scarf and tie a knot in the center 5. Pull foward the neck area to cover the knot 6. Fluff up the scarf to create volume and that turtle neck effect to keep your neck warm!! THE KNOT- the fastest and easiest way! 1. Drape the scarf around your neck 2. Grab one of the ends and create a knot in the center 3. Grab the other end and stuff it into the knot! 4. You can either pull the knot up or knot down, depending on what you are wearing! 5. This is a perfect look with a casual shirt or sweater. Try using this method in replace of a necklace! THE BOW 1. Drape the scarf on the side of the neck where you want the bow to be placed. 2. Make sure the end you are tying the bow is longer than the other 3. Grab the longer end and loop it around and into the hole as if tying a knot. 4. Do not pull out the scarf all the way. 5. Tighten and fluff it out and theres your bow! 6. You can also add a little pin or a brooch to jazz it up a bit! THE LOOP 1. Grab your scarf and fold it into half 2. Wrap it around your neck 3. Grab one end and put it thru the loop 4. Then tighten it up and bring it all the way up to your neck! 5. Theres a second part to this look, you can call it the double or triple loop! 6. Loosen up the knot 7. Separate the loop from the other end 8. Twist the loop once, then insert the other end into the loop- Theres your double loop! 9. But if you want to make a triple loop, repeat this step one more time! 10. Twist the loop once again, and insert the other end thru the loop- and theres your triple loop! THE CRISS CROSS (My favorite way to tie a scarf) 1. Grab your scarf and fold it into half. 2. Grab one of the loose ends and put it thru the loop 3. Grab the other end and put it over and under the loop THE CARDIGAN SCARF 1. You can use this look with either a cardigan or a blazer! 2. Wrap your scarf around your shoulders and make sure its even 3. Grab a skinny waist belt and wrap it over the cardigan and the scarf 4. It creates this beautiful, feminine and drapy look. This is a way to accessorize your outfit to make it look more done up! THE CIRCLE SCARF 1. Love this knitted scarf, it's perfect for the winter cozy look! 2. put the scarf around your neck and let it hang 3. circle it around your neck once more. 4. Also if your ears are cold , or lets say its raining and you dont want your hair to get wet this scarf can protext you as well! 5. Pull the back of the scarf over your head to keep your face protected and warm! 6. Also if this isnt warm enough for you...Grab another scarf and tie one big knot in the center!
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