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Replacing a Doorbell

Learn how to install a doorbell with this easy guide from Lowe's. A common problem with older houses can be an outdated or broken doorbell and chime. Replacing a doorbell is an easy fix with a few simple steps. Before you start, make sure you turn off the power at the circuit breaker for your doorbell and label it with tape or a note to prevent anyone from turning it back on while you are working. Start by removing the old doorbell. Once you remove the faceplate and unscrew the doorbell, you will want to prevent the wires from falling back into the wall by using a piece of tape to secure them to the side of your house. Attach these same wires to your new doorbell and fasten it to the wall in place of the old doorbell with the included screws. Installing a new wired doorbell chime starts with removing the cover. You should see 3 wires: • Transformer / Power • Front Doorbell • Rear Doorbell Use pieces of tape to label each wire so you know which terminal to connect them to on the new chime. Then mount the chime, connect the wires, and attach the chime cover. Once you are done, you can reconnect the power, and you're all set with a new doorbell and chime. Shop for fashionable new doorbells and chimes at For more easy DIY projects, visit
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