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WaterWise Landscapes: Sprinkler Scheduling Part 2, System Upgrades & Summary

Automatic Sprinkler System Scheduling Part 2 Paula Anderson from the Cascade Water Alliance shares tips on how to program your automatic sprinkler system controller. Usually, you will start by choosing the program at the day cycle, then choosing when to start each run. Next, choose which days of the week you want to water. Lastly, set the controller so it knows how long to run for each zone. Remember, grass and shrubs need different amounts of water, thus different run times. Also, you can try using the cycle and soak feature which breaks runs into 2 or more periods so grass has the time to absorb the water. Sprinkler System Upgrades Paula Anderson from the Cascade Water Alliance gives tips on automatic sprinkler system upgrades. The first piece of equipment that might need some upgrading is your automatic sprinkler controller. New controllers have a variety of functions like matching weather data or having soil moisture sensors. So, if your controller is 7 or 8 years old, you might want to think about upgrading. Another sprinkler upgrade option is to install a drip irrigation system. This allows water to be applied directly to the plant roots. This is especially great for vegetables, shrubs and flowers. An additional option would be to use microsprays, which are smaller sprinklers that water exactly where you want. They are easy to move and have the ability to adjust the amount of water output. Rain sensors are another great opportunity to increase water efficiency. They are usually fairly inexpensive and easy to install. Finally, newer sprinkler heads can have high tech features available such as a check valve that prevents water from draining. Talk to a professional if you would like an upgrade. Overall, there are plenty of options available to make a more waterwise landscape. Always be on the lookout for the WaterSense label, which verifies a product's water efficiency and performance. Summary Paula Anderson from the Cascade Water Alliance summarizes tips that were covered in previous 'Waterwise Landscapes' videos. Here are some valuable tips you can use to make your lawn or garden more water efficient: 1. Amend soil with compost, especially if it is made primarily of clay or sand 2. Learn the soil, sun and water needs of your individual plants 3. Make it a habit to check out sprinklers at the beginning of the season and then monthly after 4. Know that water needs change according to the weather 5. Change sprinkler system controller options to meet the needs of your landscape 6. Change sprinkler system repairs as soon as possible 7. Look for new sprinkler hardware and upgrades, like rain sensors 8. Buy products that have the WaterSense label Watch the first two 'Waterwise Landscapes' videos from the Cascade Water Alliance for more information on increasing water efficiency:
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