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Storage Chest Part 2: Attaching the Assemblies and Interior

In this video, we will join all four pieces together, add the interior pieces, and add the actual walls of our chest. For measurements and instructions visit https://www. The first thing to do is attach all four pieces. Often in woodworking, people spend lots of time on their measuring and cutting and then rush through the assembly phase. Take your time, this is just as important as any of the other steps. Making sure that everything is aligned and attached correctly is what will make your project work. To begin, join the front assembly to the end assembly. Glue, clamp and then nail in place. Repeat on the other end. Once the frame is put together, measure diagonally from corner to corner in both directions. If they are the same they are square. If they are not square, you will need to attach temporary bracing to make it square. Next, add the cleats to the inside. Measure the inside of the chest. The cleats will run front to back. Cut the cleats to width on the table saw and length on the miter saw. Following the cleats it is time to cut the front and back walls to size. Once cut, mark where you will apply glue and then nail in place along the inside of the chest. Repeat the process with the front. Repeat this process with the side panels as well. For more helpful videos such as this visit Subscribe to Lowe's YouTube for great how to videos and home improvement tips: Or head to our channel:
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