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How to Install a Porcelain or Ceramic Tile Floor

Porcelain and ceramic tile floors are durable, easy to clean and are a great addition for heavy traffic areas in your home. Learn how to lay the foundation for a tile floor here: For this project we are using standard 12'x12' tiles. Lowe's carries many different sizes, shapes and colors of tiles so you can customize your look. To lay the tile you will need tiles, polymer fortified thin set mortar, buckets, a drill, drill mixing paddle, notched trowel, tile spacers, a level, rubber mallet, tape measure, tile cutter and tile saw, transition, molding and tile edging metal strips. As you start to tile, work in 3'x3' areas from the center out so that the full tiles will be in the center and the smaller tiles that will need to be cut, are on the edges. Before you start, make sure you mix different tiles from different packages in case there is a color discrepancy. After you've mixed the mortar, spread the thin set with the trowel within the referenced lines. Comb over with the notch side of the trowel in a 45 degree angle in straight paths to ensure uniform application. Remove any excess mortar. Lay the tiles along the reference lines. Simply press, twist and put a tile spacer between the tiles. Periodically lift a tile to see if the thin set is sticking. If not, simply add to the back and re-lay the tile. It is important to check for high spots. If one is uneven, simply use the rubber mallet to gently tap the tile and recheck. If you need to cut tile pieces use the tile saw. Also, if your tile sits along carpet you will need to install a tile edging strip for the tile to sit against. After 24 hours, it is time to grout the joints. To grout you will need grout, a rubber float, buckets, sponges, grout sealer and grout haze remover. Mix the grout to the appropriate water to mix ratio and begin applying to the tiles. Apply the grout with the rubber grout float, pressing the grout into the joints then run diagonally across the joints, removing as much grout as possible. After 20 minutes, remove the excess grout in a circular motion with a clean sponge and water. Any excess that remains can be removed with grout haze remover. Avoid heavy traffic for at least 72 hours. After about 3 weeks of letting the grout cure completely, apply a grout sealer to the joints. Finally apply any trim work or transition strips, and you're done. Subscribe to Lowe's YouTube for great how to videos and home improvement tips: Or head to our channel:
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