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How to Prep Surfaces Before You Paint

Prepping your walls is the single most important step before painting, but most do-it-yourselfers don't prep their walls properly. Follow these simple, but essential steps for stripping, cleaning, patching and priming your interior walls. For this project you will need a plastic drop cloth, canvas drop cloth, newspaper, painters tape, plastic bags and a screwdriver. Begin by protecting the surfaces you don't want painted and protect your floors and furniture with canvas drop cloths. To protect your wood work or edges, use painters tape. Be sure to not leave on too long so the adhesive does not ruin your woodwork. Remove any wallpaper on the walls. The tools needed are a scoring tool, spray bottle, wallpaper remover, steamer 5-in-1 tool, TSP, sponges, buckets and water. Begin by using a scoring tool on the wall paper so the wall paper remover can penetrate more effectively. Spray on the wall paper remover and scrape off the paper. A steamer could also be helpful at removing the paper. Be sure to throw away the paper as you are taking it off. Although the paper may be off, wallpaper glue can still be on the walls. Fill a bucket with TSP and water and wipe the walls. Let the walls dry thoroughly. Repair any crack or marks in the ceilings. Using putty knife and spackling, apply the spackle and sand down with sandpaper for a smooth surface. For damaged wood work, apply wood filler and sand down for a smooth surface. Primer will be the last and most important step for this project. Start with the woodwork and use latex spot primer for stain resistance and durability. For walls use Gypsum Board Primer if it is new construction. For walls with a flat finish just apply paint. Now, your walls are ready for their first coat of primer. For more helpful tips like these, visit Subscribe to Lowe's YouTube for great how to videos and home improvement tips: Or head to our channel:
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