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Tips on Riding Lawn Mower Maintenance

A well maintained riding lawn mower will not only perform better with regular maintenance, but it will cut easier and last longer. Riding mowers save time and effort and are a great investment for homeowners with big lawns. To clean the mower you will need a wrench, socket wrench, cleaning brush and putty knife, oil container, oil, oil filter wrench, fuel stabilizer, spray lubricant and fuel. Be sure to buy fuel, air and oil filters, new blades, new belts and spark plugs so you can replace these during the maintenance process. To begin, let the mower run for a minute to loosen up the oil and fuel for easy drainage. First clean around the motor for any grass. Disconnect the battery and remove the mower deck and blades. Using a putty knife clean the deck of the mower scraping off any chunks of dirt and grass. Do not use a hose, for the water will cause the mower to rust. The belts and belt covers will need to be cleaned too. If they are torn or cracked, replace the belts. After everything has been cleaned and replaced, install the blades. Checking your oil throughout the season is a great habit to have. The oil lubricates, cools and cleans the engine during operation. Open the oil fill cap and the oil drain cap. Attach the tube and drain the oil. Clean up any excess oil with a rag. Reattach the mower deck. Next put fuel stabilizer in a gas can, then fill the remaining with fuel and fill up the fuel tank. A full tank is actually safer than a tank without gas. Change the fuel filter in your mower as well. While the hood is up lubricate any small moving parts with lubricant. At this time replace the air filter and the spark plugs and follow the manufacturers instructions. Check the tire pressure and adjust to the proper settings. Before storing the mower, reattach the battery and turn on the mower. Let the oil lubricate the parts. Turn the mower off and detach the battery. Store your mower where it won't be near any heat sources or appliances. Now that your mower is ready for storage, remember to cover with a tarp for protection. For more advice on lawn mowers, visit Subscribe to Lowe's YouTube for great how to videos and home improvement tips: Or head to our channel:
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