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Over 150 Numberphile viewers contributed to this. Read the full description below for a little game you can play with this video!And see our full series of Rubik's Cube videos at: contributed by Website: on Facebook: tweets: by Brady HaranBrady's other channels include: (Chemistry stuff) (Physics and astronomy) (Space stuff)IN THIS VIDEO can you find or count the following:How many people are solving the cube with blindfolds?How many cubes break while being solved?Can you see me (Brady)?Can you see three shots which feature world-leading speedsolver Feliks Zemdegs?Can you see Michael from the well-known YouTube channel Vsauce?Can you spot Brady's fitness instructor Phil?Speaking of fitness, can you see someone solving the cube on a treadmill?How many animated "self-solving" cubes appear?Can you spot the underwater cube?Most of our cubers are male. But how many females can you see?Someone is cubing while singing along to a Justin Bieber song? Can you spot them?Can you see the cuber with the brown Numberphile website on his screen?How many cubes appear which are not the standard 3x3?Did you spot a magic trick?Can you guess which video is a self-admitted forgery (not the "magic trick" but someone else using visual effects and not really doing it - and this doesn't include sped-up videos)And finally, how many Rubik's Cube appear in the video (not including the same cube being shown twice at different parts of the video)?
Length: 04:23


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