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How To Remove Windows XP Viruses - Ep. 4

This video is brought to you by: Virus removal used to be a very involved process. In many cases it involved research, proper cracking or infiltration tools and rewriting or copying original files onto new files. Those who engineered viruses were free to write them any way they chose, because antivirus software didn't really exist. In today's age, things are quite different. There is a huge market for well written, funded, developed and maintained antivirus software packages. The results have been outstanding for the casual end user. Virus engineers are forced to write viruses that are much more complex, and attempt to bypass many virus package scanners - so very few of them slip through the cracks. The antivirus market thrives mostly within the business environment, where rigorous detection rates and efficiency are essential. As a result, these companies typically release free scanning tools or antivirus packages to the general consumer market. This allows them to collect valuable usage and scan data to build better software applications. Abstract: Prior to installing an antivirus software suite, we ensure no viruses are on the existing Windows XP installation. This is done through freeware scanning tools released by the top antivirus companies in the world. About This Episode: In this video, I cover how to use the free Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool and ESET Online Virus Scanner to ensure no viruses exist on the current Windows XP installation. Once we have verified the system is clean, we will install the top performing free antivirus software package available. How To Remove Windows XP Viruses: 1. Download and install the latest version of the 'Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool'. 2. Open the 'Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool'. 3. Select 'Start Scanning'. 4. If any infections are found, 'Remove' them. 5. Open the 'ESET Online Virus Scanner' homepage. 6. Choose 'Run ESET Online Virus Scanner'. 7. Accept the 'Terms of Use' and press 'Start'. 8. If prompted, install the 'ActiveX Controls'. 9. Check the box 'Remove Found Threats' and press 'Start'. 10. If prompted, 'Restart Your Computer'. Conclusion: It is important to remember that these are stand-alone virus scanning tools and are not meant to be used in place of a full antivirus suite. We will be installing one of the top rated free antivirus suites in the next episode.
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