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How To Create A Gag PC Virus To Protect Your PC

For full details visit: Certainly viruses are no joke, but having individuals on your computer who are equally dangerous can sometimes lead to even more problems. If you've had bad luck attempting to change an individuals behavior on your own personal PC, then this video is for you. We all want to believe our friends and family are looking out for what is best for us, but the problem simply is they quite often don't realize how much they can affect our own personal computers with their behavior. Bad decisions on another individuals PC can result in them getting hacked, losing passwords or worse, the complete destruction of mankind... erm... well... of all the data on the hard drive. Although they might think you are "over-reacting" we all know there is only one thing left to do if all other options have been exhausted. We utilize a fear based tactic to modify their behavior. After all, they know what they are doing is wrong, let's just send them a friendly reminder of it. How To Create A Gag PC Virus To Protect Your PC From Idiots: 1. Double click on 'Computer' on your desktop 2. Double click on the C: drive. 3. Scroll down past the folders and right click, then select New, then Text File. 4. When prompted to name the text document, come up with something no one would expect is a virus, make it sound complicated or vauge. 5. Double click on the document. 6. On the first line of the document, enter the following: MsgBox("YOUR FAKE VIRUS MESSAGE HERE") Example: MsgBox("Thank you for downloading this porn virus! It can easily be removed by spending $19.99 at our software site! More information to follow!") 7. Next, select File and Save As... 8. Save the document with the file extension .vbs instead of .txt 9. Close everything. 10. Now, select the Windows 'Start' button. 11. Choose All Programs, Accessories, System Tools and select Task Scheduler. 12. On the right hand side, select 'Create Task...' 13. In the General Tab, give it a clever title, something that sounds important. 14. In the Triggers Tab, select 'New...' 15. Under Settings, select Daily 16. Under Advanced Settings, select the "Repeat task every" checkbox and choose the "5 minutes" option. 17. Set the duration for the length of time the culprit will be on the computer 18. Finally, in the Action Tab, select New.... 19. Make sure the action is to "Start a Program" then select 'Browse...' for the Program/Script 20. Navigate to your C: drive, locate and select the script you created earlier. 21. Select Ok, and select Ok again. 22. That's it! You are officially a haxor... not really. The purpose of this video is to attempt to discourage poor behavior another individual may be doing on your own computer. Of course, use some common sense here, do not get carried away and decide it will be a good idea to do this to a friend who is easily offended or a company employee. You've been warned!
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