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How To Set Windows 7 Power Settings to High Performance - Ep. 13

This video is brought to you by: As we move along in the Faster 7 series and work on speeding up your operating system, you will find that not all tips apply to you. Do not fret, I have a whole catalog of speedup tips. In the instance that a tip does not apply to you, just make a mental note (for the future) and move on to the next Windows 7 speed tip. Windows 7 Performance Mode is built into the power management portion of the operating system. For many users who have laptops this feature comes set as "balanced" right after they have installed their operating systems. Modifying the power settings to 'Performance Mode' will ensure your operating system will run top notch whether or not you have your computer plugged into an outlet. Many people think this setting just impacts their "sleep mode" and "hibernation" settings. In reality, power management for operating systems has become far more sophisticated and even cause modification in processor speeds and visual effects. Personally, I do not use my laptop without it plugged into a wall, so this is definitely a feature I want to make sure is enabled. Set Power Settings to High Performance Mode on Windows 7 1. Select the Windows 7 'Start Button' 2. Choose 'Control Panel' 3. Select the 'System and Security' item 4. Halfway down, select 'Power Options' 5. Under 'Plans Shown on Battery Meter', select 'High performance' 6. If it does not exist under 'Plans Shown on Battery Meter', click the expansion arrow next to 'Hide additional plans' 7. Select 'High performance' 8. That's it! Now remember, this will greatly reduce your battery life if you are using a laptop that is not plugged in. If you are an individual who is always using their laptop away from a power outlet, this isn't recommended for you. Thanks for stopping by, more tips to come!
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