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Limewire Murdered, Phone 7 App Milestone, PS Phone, Nook Color

This video is brought to you by: Once upon a time, P2P (Peer-to-peer) networks were like exclusive clubs only the technologically savvy were aware of. Over the past few years, however, this has completely ceased to be. These days, it seems like everyone and their aunts uncles brother's daughters nephews former roommate are downloading software, music, games and anything else you can think of illegally. As it happens, Limewire was one such service that peddled in these "shady" distributions of software piracy. Devil... devil networks! The ongoing debate between pirating and developers has always been that one side sees media of all forms as free, the other sees protecting individual property rights as a necessity. To be honest, I believe both of them have their points. This news video, however, does not address any of these dramatic serious issues, but rather discusses the death, nay, the murder of Limewire. As it turns out, it has been leaked that Sony is working on a Playstation phone. This news conveniently surfaces after the debut of the Microsoft Windows Phone 7, which just so happens to be a "X-Box" phone... well, it connects to X-Box live anyways. We are beginning to see the melding of the mobile gaming market with social gaming platforms... excellent. Barnes & Noble's popular nook is getting a facelift this November 19th when they debut a full color edition of their nook for only $249.99. Still an extremely competitive and reasonable price for their mobile e-ink platform. These nooks also run on the Android 2.1 platform. Finally, the Windows Phone Marketplace reaches it's first milestone of 1,000 applications. Not bad considering it has only been out for a week - at this rate they will hit 52,000 applications in their first year. Here's hoping, I always love a good competition in the technology world. Call me old fashioned, but the more these giants beat the snot out of eachother, the better the products us consumers end up with. PlayStation Phone: This Could Be a Thing: Barnes & Noble Nook Color: Hands On:,2817,2371554,00.asp LimeWire is Dead: What Are the Alternatives?:,2817,2371590,00.asp Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Hits 1,000 Apps:,2817,2371574,00.asp
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