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Phone 7 Gimmick?, Microsoft Gaming Client, Apple Christmas

This video is brought to you by: Have you ever just had one of those odd news days? Well, today is one of those. Much discussion had come up after my Windows 7 Phone Gimmick discussion during my last video critiquing my analysis. What most of you don't realize is I spend thousands of hours (that's right, THOUSANDS) researching each topic before I actually do a video on it. As a result of this extensive research I become both delerious and delusional and begin to spout some of the most ridiculous things one could possibly imagine. I depend wholly on the feedback of my users for correction when a story goes awry. Thankfully my viewers have spoken! I stand corrected on the Windows Phone 7 Gimmick and I discuss more news in the pipeline for Windows PC Gaming. I wonder if it is possibly to shoot down this concept without offending... yet I really don't care all that terribly well what people think about me... in fact... I really don't care at all. What I DO care is that I am at least giving things a fair shot. In this case, the Windows PC Gaming Website may be getting a revamp, but it's decades (and by decades I mean a year or two) behind Steam. Hopefully it gains steam... (awful pun intended). So apparently Steve Jobs is Santa Claus this year, as one third of kids have an iPhone or iPad on their wishlist over toys for the holidays. Is this sad, or have we marked a new generation of Apple babies? Just hot? Let me know what you think... Lastly, Amazon reports something and I report horribly on it, so enjoy that embarrassment, no seriously, enjoy it... I sure did. Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7 Hands On: Mobile Levels Up: Games For Windows Gets a Bigger, Better Online Store Next Month: Kids wants iPhones, iPads over toys for holidays: Amazon reports e-books are outselling print two to one:
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