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How To Disable Windows 7 Search Indexing Service - Ep. 8

This video is brought to you by: Today's video goes over disabling a service that runs in the background of the Windows 7 operating system. Whether most people realize it or not, the Search Indexing Service constantly scans over the file system of the computer, looking for recently used files and modifications so that when the user clicks "Start" and searches for something, it will come up much quicker. For those of you who rarely use the search feature on their Windows 7 operating system or they are having issues with random slowdown from their processor getting overworked, disabling this service will allow for bit of a performance boost. Now it is important to remember, disabling this service will also cause other services to stop working correctly. Namely, the search function does not function as accurately as it once did. So if you are even considering using the search feature, you should consider skipping over this step and moving directly to the next one. Just because you are trying to get your computer to run faster it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your ability to work efficiently on your computer. For example, you may save some processing power by disabling this service, but how much time are you going to waste searching for files? As always, disabling or enabling services quite often depends on the circumstances and the user environment. This judgement is ultimately left to you. Disabling the Windows Search Indexing Service is just one method for speeding up your computer, there are a number of other ways to do this. Disable Windows Search Indexing Service in Windows 7: 1. Click the "Start" button. 2. In the "Run" field, type "services.msc" without quotations and press enter. 3. Once your services list has opened, navigate to "Windows Search" 4. Right click on the service and select "Properties" 5. Under "Startup Type" select "Disabled" 6. Select "Apply" 7. Select "Ok" 8. In the upper left hand corner, make sure to "Stop" the service 9. That's it! If you find you have issues with other programs upon disabling this service simply go back into your services application and re-enable the service. Ensure you have selected "Automatic (Delayed)" as your option if you decide to re-enable the service. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more Faster Windows 7 Tips!
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