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How To Disable Windows 7 Startup Programs - Ep. 7

This video is brought to you by: Today's video goes over one of the most popular methods for speeding up any Windows operating system. Most videos attempt to use only this feature to make computers run faster, and rightly so. Modifying the Windows 7 Startup will definitely create a performance increase for the majority of computer users. Many individuals may have already done this step, if so, stay tuned anyways, there are many more methods than these standard ones to get the most out of your Windows 7 PC. The Windows Startup is quite possibly one of the most mismanaged areas of the Windows operating systems. It is quite irritating that Microsoft would go through so much trouble to constantly annoy users when they try to run applications, yet when an application want's to add itself to your windows startup, Windows doesn't even bat an eye at it. So as a result, just about every application you install on your computer registers itself into you Windows startup - they think it creates the illusion of better service. In my opinion, it doesn't create better service at all, if I want to run an application, I want to run it when I open it, not BEFORE I open it. Sorry to vent too much frustration here, it is what it is, so lets fix it. Make sure to check back and monitor your Windows 7 startup quite frequently. Monitoring it is the only way to make sure you are keeping many applications from adding themselves back to your startup. Disable Startup Programs in Windows 7 using Glary Utilities 1. Download Glary Utilities at the following link: 2. Open Glary Utilities. 3. Select the 'Modules' tab. 4. Select 'Optimize and Improve' 5. Open the 'Startup Manager' 6. Sort all of your startup items by 'Rating' 7. Uncheck any startup item that has red in its rating (in most cases it means it is unnecessary) 8. For items with no rating, make note of the ".exe" filename located under the 'path' section. 9. Open 10. Search for the filename on Google (i.e. dellwebcam2.exe, yourfilename.exe, etc.) 11. Find out information on that particular process. 12. If determined to be useless, disable it from startup. 13. If you still cannot find information on it, leave it on startup, just in case. 14. That's it! Disabling startup items is extremely easy with the Glary Utilities. I looked for quite some time for an application that would help users decide whether or not they should keep an item running on startup. Personally, I hate to have the majority of things running on my own startup, so I disable a huge chunk of them. In most cases, it really doesn't affect the performance of the program in question.
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