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How To Run Windows 7 Glary Utilities System Optimizer - Ep. 6

This video is brought to you by: Glary Utilities has been around for quite some time now. It is mostly known for it's "one click maintenance". We are, however, going to do something different with it in the upcoming videos. Firstly, we will run it's one click maintenance and make sure the software is successfully installed. It is important to remember that these registry cleaners create a restore point, if for some reason you are having issues with your computer after you have run Glary Utilities, then it is probably a good idea to recover from the system restore point it created before you ran it. No registry repair software usually creates a "dramatic" speed increase. This is just a way to ensure your computer and operating system are running as well as they are supposed to. For that reason, there really isn't a reason to run this software all the time. It is only necessary to maybe run it every month or every other month just to make sure you have removed all of the junk. What many people do not know about Glary Utilities, however, is that it has different "modules" which allow users to tweak their systems even more than the "one-click maintenance" allows. These features, when used properly, are actually more useful and powerful for making Windows 7 Faster. Install and Run Glary Utilities System Maintenance Software on Windows 7 1. Download Glary Utilities at the following link: 2. Click 'Run' to start the installation 3. After installing Glary Utilities, "open" it. 4. The default tab should be "one-click maintenance", if not, select it. 5. Select "Scan for issues" 6. Once your computer has completed the scan, select "Fix issues" 7. Once all of your issues are complete, restart your computer. 8. That's it! The one click maintenance on the Glary Utilities software is extremely easy and straightforward. That is typically why I recommend this software over other registry repair software packages. Of course, the fact that the software is free doesn't hurt either. So this concludes the basic tweaking and adjusting portion of the Faster 7 series, now we can move on to actually making your operating system run faster. It may have taken awhile to get here, but it's best to do these things in order. Stay tuned!
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