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Skills Set - English for Professionals - Lesson 2

LESSON 2 Topic: Skill set Guest Teacher: Dave Sconda (Scroll down for the transcript.) Key words & expressions: skill set, build job skills, attention to detail, mentor, rise to the top Series objective: This series will help those preparing to use English in the workplace as well as those already in the workforce. This is NOT traditional Business English (negotiating, presenting, interviewing, etc.) The lessons in this series will help learners gain confidence in talking about work and work-related matters. Target skills of series: listening, speaking, and vocabulary. Levels: intermediate to advanced. NOTE: I'm very sorry to announce as of January 2012 links to EnglishCafe will no longer be active due to the site closing. I was very lucky to be a part of that online community while it lasted. I'm also sorry for the loss of additional materials for learners. TEACHERS: A related classroom activity has been posted on my WordPress blog. Also, consider using the following discussion questions as a post-viewing activity: 1. Do you agree or disagree with Dave's views on job searches? 2. Do you have a mentor? Have you ever mentored another? 3. Describe your present skill set. MUSIC CREDIT: "Zx5" by Euglenu. Retrieved from For more music by EUGLENU, visit TRANSCRIPT OF DAVE'S TALK: Ever since I was a kid, I've always been interested in how successful people reached their goal. I've always asked questions of these people. How did you do it? Did you get help? Who helped you? How did you learn? What did you do in difficult situations? One thing that I've learned from a lot of people is this: be interested in everything. Pay attention to the details. Try to learn and build skill in many different areas. I do know some people who have a very narrow skill set. They know how to do one thing very well. But the ones who really rise to the top -- they have an interest in many different fields. I try to follow the advice of my mentors. I try to learn a lot about many things. The more I learn about things, the more I want to learn. I get inspired by the new things I learn about. It's about building your skills. It's about building your mind. It's about building a character. If you build your skills and your interests in many things, and you become good at many things, you won't have to search very much. In fact, you may not have to search at all. People may come to you and want you to be a part of their endeavor, part of their company. Well, there you go. It was nice seeing you all, and of course, it was nice working with Jennifer. Thanks, Jennifer, for asking me to be part of this video.
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