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[MM 2179] TEST + A Physics Projectile Motion i NEED {HECANHELP.COM}

Looking for a series of videos that is different from Khan Academy but helpful for college & high-school and based on curriculum standards? Will it help our students to do well in class during lecture and for national competitive entrance exams? (Syllabus changes from school to school country to country).ANS: We are error-free and good. Proof/FEEDBACKS 1 & 21. "It helps understand all dimensions of the concept," The Ohio State University at Columbus (based on the Questionnaire for Physics 112 Students who used George Mathew's questions." 2. It did help me to understand conceptually the kind of things we talked about in lecture."LINK 2179: 2. A. How do we contact [email protected] What is the mailing address?George Mathew, PO Box 1324, Mason, OH 45040, USA3. How many videos did you make?609 error free videos. Material ready for another two thousand! We are here to really make changes to how a student learn the material.4. What subjects?Physics: Linear Motion, Projectile Motion, Forces and Free Body Diagrams, ThermodynamicsMathematics: College Algebra topics such as Functions, Slopes, .6. What is so special about your approach?Are you one who work outside the class? Do you need efficiency and success? Then we are that and more: error free, socratic, and our approach is something that will help you understand IF you watch all videos within a series. Some unsolicited comments say we are better than Khan Academy. Proof is in the pudding. Have two classes compete with one group using my videos and the other using videos of of the professor of your choice. Let us know your results. 7. Are you seeking VC or other partnerships?Yes!!! We are now seriously considering global strategic partners - in all countries. Send us an email: [email protected] Where can I get the whole list of videos? Web address?A. Web Site: http://www.HECANHELP.COMB. Direct to html: PROJECTILE MOTION Playlist Practice Problems: Who is this to whom you have dedicated this video? Dedicated to We believe that the world is full of people who have talents, and harnessing that energy requires more than just one department doing well. 10. Where are these videos made from? 100% Made in the USA based on the Bachelor of Science introductory level or High School.11. What does Single User License mean?We provide all of it for free. FREE does not mean we do not have expenses. To cover the costs, we require colleges and schools who broadcast our videos to take permission from us. No police here. Relax. 12. What is your teaching philosophy? Read comments of one of the users of this strategy: "... Breaking down the load of concepts into small pieces allows me to see exactly where I am understanding, or not understanding, the concepts." For Math and Physics Excellence - we combine learning styles of Socrates, Einstein & Newton! To help teachers and students with higher achievement scores, no complaints, and efficient (almost visual) communications - in minutes with no errors. We construct solutions. You watch. You play. You Pause. You Do. You learn. We are your partners. 13. How do you market?You doing well is the only thing that says volume about our work. Say a good word for us to your friends/teachers. Single User License. 14. THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY COLUMBUS OH USA student's comment about our collection of physics questions: "... meant so much to me in helping me understand the coursework. Breaking down the load of concepts into small pieces allows me to see exactly where I am understanding, or not understanding, the concepts. I am a pre-medical student as well as a wife and mother of three, so I need a more targeted style of learning. ... have truly been godsends, I just can't say enough good things about them." 15. YOUTUBE Posted comment: "I was watching some other videos for the last two days, mostly from KhanAcademy. I wish I would have run into your list of videos earlier. It's much more hands on and I love how you have one or two conceptual videos, then one or two example videos. Keep up the great videos."16. Who are the authors?Dr. George Mathew, and Dr. N. N. Mathew. 17. Do not Copy - Copyright Material of George Mathew. Pre and Post lecture support for faculty and students. Do not copy. Violations (or modifications) are not allowed. Copyright George Mathew (Ph. D.) and HECANHELP. For individual use only. No derivative work is allowed.Additional PROJECTILE MOTION Resources:1. NICE: SLIGHTLY INVOLVED BUT GOOD:
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