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DNA Pot Education Biology Pants branch of biology that deals with the physiology, structure, genetics, ecology, distribution, classification, and economic importance of plants is called botany. In botany, you will be learning about plants starting from its structure. The plant with which we are most familiar in everyday life belong to the group known as the flowering plants. Scientifically, this group is called the angiosperms. There are many plants under this group. We will not study all of it but we will study some of it. This section includes plant body, the flower, the fruit, and the seed. Then we will get into plant nutrition, respiration, absorption, transpiration, translocation, coordination, reproduction, and the structure of plant tissues to plant cells. We will hit the most important topics to cover all basics of botany. Though we use the formal term botany, the content can be used to study for middle school to graduate level biology in many other cross sub fields of biology. Plants are important to life. They are the providers of many things that various living things need from food to environment. Without plants, it will be hard to get oxygen we need to fuel ourselves to keep breathing and living. That is only one of many necessities provided by plants. In biology, plants are equal to all trees, shrubs, plants, vines, down to plant cells. It is required to understand this general term includes everything that is plant from micro to macro plants. you can use these lessons to study for biology course or a test. We will upload as our research goes on and complicate this database built for every one.DNA Pot Education and Entertainment reserves all rights to movie, graphics, and pictures. Copyright 2012. Developed by DNA Pot education team. Music in this movie. Music piece is made by Trend, DNA Pot official Band using Mac garage Band. Use permission accompanies software use and purchase agreement.
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