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Muffin Stories - Boastful Father Spider | Children's Tales, Stories and Fables | muffin songs

Boastful Father SpiderA huge dragonfly was caught in the web that the father spider made yesterday.The father spider was so proud he went about the village boasting about it.Kkami, did you see the dragonfly I caught yesterday? Yes, you're so great.When he came home, there were swallowtails caught in the web.Wow, that's so great. Nobody can escape your web.The ladybug heard about it and was surprised.Wow, you really caught two at once?(Proud) That's nothing. It's no big deal.That's a piece of cake. Hm...Ha ha ha.No matter how great your talent, it's just making a web after all, right?(Angry) What?No matter how much you boast, you can't catch a tiger.(Surprised) Tiger?W-what are you talking about? That's easy. T-then, I'll catch a tiger tomorrow.Wow! Great! Wow!Wait and see. I'm going to get a really huge tiger tomorrow. Don't be afraid. Ahem.(To himself) Hmph! What a braggart!The father spider left to catch a tiger early the next day.Inside the cave, a huge tiger was snoring.(Monologue) Ugh... It's so big. What should I do?I already boasted. They'll laugh if I just go back.Wait, I should be able to catch him with my web. Fine! I'll show them.The father spider began to make a web at the entrance of the cave.(Monologue) Heh heh. There. You won't be going anywhere.If you wake up and try to go somewhere, my web will be there. Heh heh heh.Ah... That was a nice nap.Seeing the tiger right in front of him, the father spider was scared.But the web is strong.Huh? Who is it? Who did this? Who dares to play a trick on the king of animals?The father spider's teeth chattered at the tiger's yelling.Why don't you answer? Who is it? Come on out!The father spider had no choice. He slowly came down.Was it you? You little...Wait. Don't be mistaken. I came to say hello and you were sleeping. But a mosquito was trying to bite your nose. So, I blocked the entrance like that so he couldn't come in again. I wouldn't dare play a trick on you.Yeah? Is that so? Well, don't ever come here again.Yes, sir. I'm sorry. Good-bye. Good-bye.The father spider said good-bye several times.And then quickly went home.At home, the son spider and the insects were waiting for him.??????????? ???? ?????? ???? ????????? ???? ????? ????нглийски, приказка, приказка, разказ, деца, бебе, бабаAngl?s, conte, rondalla, conte, els nens, nad?, l'?via英?,故事,寓言,故事,儿童,?儿,祖母Engleski, pri?a, pri?a, pri?a, djeca, dijete, bakaAngli?tina, poh?dka, bajka, p??b?h, d?ti, d?t?, babi?kaEngelsk, fort?lling, fabel, historie, b?rn, baby, bedstemorEngels, verhaal, fabel, verhaal, kinderen, baby, omaInglise, lugu, faabula, lugu, lastele, baby, vanaemaIngles, kuwento, katha, kuwento, ang mga bata, sanggol, lolaEnglanti, tarina, satu, tarina, lapset, vauva, iso?itiAnglais, conte, fable, histoire, enfants, b?b?, grand-m?reEnglisch, Geschichte, Fabel, Geschichte, Kinder, Baby, Gro?mutterΑγγλικ?, παραμ?θι, ο μ?θο?, η ιστορ?α, τα παιδι?, μωρ?, γιαγι???????, ?????, ????, ?????, ?????, ?????, ????????????, ?????, ?????? ?????, ?????, ??????, ????, ?????,Angol, mese, mese, t?rt?net, gyermek, baba, nagymamaEnska, saga, d?misaga, saga, b?rn, barn, ammaInggris, dongeng, fabel, cerita, anak, bayi, nenekInglese, racconto, favola, storia, bambini, bambino, la nonna英語、物語、寓話、物語、子供、赤ん坊、祖母Ang?u, st?sts, pasaka, st?sts, b?rni, b?rnu, vecm?mi?uAngl?, pasaka, pasak??ia, istorija, vaikai, k?dikis, mo?iut?Engelsk, historie, fabel, fortelling, barn, baby, bestemorAngielski, opowie??, ba??, opowiadanie, dzieci, dziecko, babciaIngl?s, conto, f?bula, hist?ria, crian?as, beb? av?,Ingl?s, conto, f?bula, hist?ria, crian?as, beb? av?,Englez?, poveste, fabula, poveste, copii, copil, bunica?нглийский, сказка, басня, рассказ, дети, ребенок, бабушкаЕнглески, прича, ба?ки, прича, деце, беба, бабаAngli?tina, rozpr?vka, b?jka, pr?beh, deti, die?a, babi?kaAngle??ina, pravljica, pripovedka, zgodba, otroci, baby, babicaIngl?s, cuento, f?bula, cuento, los ni?os, beb?, la abuelaEngelska, historia, fabel, ber?ttelse, barn, barn, mormor????????????????, ?????, ?????, ???????????,?ngilizce, masal, masal, hikaye, ?ocuk, bebek, b?y?kanne?нгл?йська, казка, байка, опов?дання, д?ти, дитина, бабусяTi?ng Anh, c?u chuy?n, truy?n thuy?t, c?u chuy?n, tr? em, tr? em, b?
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