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Muffin Stories - Daru and the Mean Lion | Children's Tales, Stories and Fables | muffin songs

Daru and the mean LionThe animals in the woods were having a meeting.I think I'm going to have to leave these woods because of that mean lion.Right. I can't stand it.Isn't there a way?Hm... Right!I have a good idea.What is it?The next morning, the animals went to the mean lion.Huh?Oh, look at dare to come to me?You mean lion!Don't bother us any more!I won't let you get away with it!Ha ha ha ha.And just what will you do about it?Dare you going to fight me? Huh?It's not a fight. Let's have a race.What? Race?Yeah! If win, you must never bother us again!Hmph, how funny.Fine, but if I win, I'm going to get you!Whoever reaches that finishing line across the river is the winner.Hmph! Fine.Okay, let's begin. Go on three.One... Two...Oh, no. The lion started first.Will Daru do a good job?Hut! Hut!Oh... Pretty good...Okay, then.Ooh, hut!Hut! Hut! Hut!Ooh... That little mouse...I have to win.Heh heh... Little mouse...Ha ha ha. I go you.You coward. Wait and see!Ha ha, daring to challenge me.I'll bother you so much when this race is over.Oh, no... I'm going to lose.Oh, I'm so tired.Hey, Lion!Huh? That little mouse...Ha ha, hey, good luck...Hoo. Hoo. Ugh. Ugh...Yeah! Yeah!Yeah! Yeah!Wow! Daru, you beat the lion.That mean lion!He won't bother us anymore!Yeah! Yeah!Oh, I can't go anymore.Some things are more powerful then strength.If you don't keep your promise,I won't forgive you.Ugh...DOWNLOAD MP3 - 50 Best Kids' Songs, Vol. 1.iTunes (Apple iphone/ipad/ipod)US: ???? ?????? ???? ????????? ???? ????? ????нглийски, приказка, приказка, разказ, деца, бебе, бабаAngl?s, conte, rondalla, conte, els nens, nad?, l'?via英?,故事,寓言,故事,儿童,?儿,祖母Engleski, pri?a, pri?a, pri?a, djeca, dijete, bakaAngli?tina, poh?dka, bajka, p??b?h, d?ti, d?t?, babi?kaEngelsk, fort?lling, fabel, historie, b?rn, baby, bedstemorEngels, verhaal, fabel, verhaal, kinderen, baby, omaInglise, lugu, faabula, lugu, lastele, baby, vanaemaIngles, kuwento, katha, kuwento, ang mga bata, sanggol, lolaEnglanti, tarina, satu, tarina, lapset, vauva, iso?itiAnglais, conte, fable, histoire, enfants, b?b?, grand-m?reEnglisch, Geschichte, Fabel, Geschichte, Kinder, Baby, Gro?mutterΑγγλικ?, παραμ?θι, ο μ?θο?, η ιστορ?α, τα παιδι?, μωρ?, γιαγι???????, ?????, ????, ?????, ?????, ?????, ????????????, ?????, ?????? ?????, ?????, ??????, ????, ?????,Angol, mese, mese, t?rt?net, gyermek, baba, nagymamaEnska, saga, d?misaga, saga, b?rn, barn, ammaInggris, dongeng, fabel, cerita, anak, bayi, nenekInglese, racconto, favola, storia, bambini, bambino, la nonna英語、物語、寓話、物語、子供、赤ん坊、祖母Ang?u, st?sts, pasaka, st?sts, b?rni, b?rnu, vecm?mi?uAngl?, pasaka, pasak??ia, istorija, vaikai, k?dikis, mo?iut?Engelsk, historie, fabel, fortelling, barn, baby, bestemorAngielski, opowie??, ba??, opowiadanie, dzieci, dziecko, babciaIngl?s, conto, f?bula, hist?ria, crian?as, beb? av?,Ingl?s, conto, f?bula, hist?ria, crian?as, beb? av?,Englez?, poveste, fabula, poveste, copii, copil, bunica?нглийский, сказка, басня, рассказ, дети, ребенок, бабушкаЕнглески, прича, ба?ки, прича, деце, беба, бабаAngli?tina, rozpr?vka, b?jka, pr?beh, deti, die?a, babi?kaAngle??ina, pravljica, pripovedka, zgodba, otroci, baby, babicaIngl?s, cuento, f?bula, cuento, los ni?os, beb?, la abuelaEngelska, historia, fabel, ber?ttelse, barn, barn, mormor????????????????, ?????, ?????, ???????????,?ngilizce, masal, masal, hikaye, ?ocuk, bebek, b?y?kanne?нгл?йська, казка, байка, опов?дання, д?ти, дитина, бабусяTi?ng Anh, c?u chuy?n, truy?n thuy?t, c?u chuy?n, tr? em, tr? em, b?
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