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Muffin Stories - The Green Goblin and the Red Goblin | Children's Tales, Stories and Fables | muffin songs

The Green Goblin and the Red Goblin.Mother sent Hoya to his uncle's house on an errand.Hoya is 7 and errands very well.Be careful that you don't get lost in the woods.Yes, mommy.La la la la. But, there was a mean Red Goblin in the woods that Hoya had to pass. La la la la.La la la la.Agh!Ha ha ha ha. I'm going to eat you up.I't a goblin! What did I do?Why are you going to eat me up?You came onto my land without permission.That's why.Then give me permission.What? Hm... Permission? Hm....I can't give you permission.I'm going to eat you up.I'm only going on an errand to my uncle's.What did I do wrong?It doesn't matter, you trespassed on my land and I'm going to eat you up.Gee, are you bothering people again?Hmph! I won't let him go.He trespassed on my land and I'm going to eat him up.What? You're going to eat a cute kid like this?No Way. Do you think I'm going to let you do that?He's on my land.It's none of your businessThat's nonsense.This is a path that people walk by.I made those rules today. So, this is my land.Fine, let's have a contest then.Contest? What contest?A connecting word game.The winner gets to do what he wants.No, I don't want to play.Hmph! You never like using your brains. Ha ha ha ha.Fine. Let's do it.Do you think I'll lose? Goblin!Nut!Tunnel!Light!Tiger!Radio!O? Yeah. Oh, my god!You can't do that.Yes, I can. I can do whatever I want.That's nonsense.Hmph! You lost, right?Dad.D? D? Dingdong. Heh heh, I'm such a genius,That's such nonsense...Golf.F? F? Yeah, right, Fa la la!Angel!Gee~La la la!A... A... Ash!Hm...H? buy some thread~Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha, buy some thread~That's nonsense.Yeah. Complete nonsense.Admit you lost.Buy some thread. Buy some thread.Dog!Ugh... I got it! Goo goo!Hee hee hee. You lose.O? Think of a fruit. Fruit?Yeah, orange! Ha ha ha. Give up now.Ooh... Those guys...Ooh... Oh, I know. Elm! Ha ha ha.That should end it.??????????? ???? ?????? ???? ????????? ???? ????? ????нглийски, приказка, приказка, разказ, деца, бебе, бабаAngl?s, conte, rondalla, conte, els nens, nad?, l'?via英?,故事,寓言,故事,儿童,?儿,祖母Engleski, pri?a, pri?a, pri?a, djeca, dijete, bakaAngli?tina, poh?dka, bajka, p??b?h, d?ti, d?t?, babi?kaEngelsk, fort?lling, fabel, historie, b?rn, baby, bedstemorEngels, verhaal, fabel, verhaal, kinderen, baby, omaInglise, lugu, faabula, lugu, lastele, baby, vanaemaIngles, kuwento, katha, kuwento, ang mga bata, sanggol, lolaEnglanti, tarina, satu, tarina, lapset, vauva, iso?itiAnglais, conte, fable, histoire, enfants, b?b?, grand-m?reEnglisch, Geschichte, Fabel, Geschichte, Kinder, Baby, Gro?mutterΑγγλικ?, παραμ?θι, ο μ?θο?, η ιστορ?α, τα παιδι?, μωρ?, γιαγι???????, ?????, ????, ?????, ?????, ?????, ????????????, ?????, ?????? ?????, ?????, ??????, ????, ?????,Angol, mese, mese, t?rt?net, gyermek, baba, nagymamaEnska, saga, d?misaga, saga, b?rn, barn, ammaInggris, dongeng, fabel, cerita, anak, bayi, nenekInglese, racconto, favola, storia, bambini, bambino, la nonna英語、物語、寓話、物語、子供、赤ん坊、祖母Ang?u, st?sts, pasaka, st?sts, b?rni, b?rnu, vecm?mi?uAngl?, pasaka, pasak??ia, istorija, vaikai, k?dikis, mo?iut?Engelsk, historie, fabel, fortelling, barn, baby, bestemorAngielski, opowie??, ba??, opowiadanie, dzieci, dziecko, babciaIngl?s, conto, f?bula, hist?ria, crian?as, beb? av?,Ingl?s, conto, f?bula, hist?ria, crian?as, beb? av?,Englez?, poveste, fabula, poveste, copii, copil, bunica?нглийский, сказка, басня, рассказ, дети, ребенок, бабушкаЕнглески, прича, ба?ки, прича, деце, беба, бабаAngli?tina, rozpr?vka, b?jka, pr?beh, deti, die?a, babi?kaAngle??ina, pravljica, pripovedka, zgodba, otroci, baby, babicaIngl?s, cuento, f?bula, cuento, los ni?os, beb?, la abuelaEngelska, historia, fabel, ber?ttelse, barn, barn, mormor????????????????, ?????, ?????, ???????????,?ngilizce, masal, masal, hikaye, ?ocuk, bebek, b?y?kanne?нгл?йська, казка, байка, опов?дання, д?ти, дитина, бабусяTi?ng Anh, c?u chuy?n, truy?n thuy?t, c?u chuy?n, tr? em, tr? em, b?
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