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MF90: Fractions and p-adic numbers

This video is an exploratory video in which we loosely introduce an interesting variant on repeating decimals: namely 10-adic numbers, or repeating reversimals (this is our own name). These are decimal-like objects whose digits carry on to the left, rather than the right, but still in a periodical fashion. Surprisingly, the arithmetic with these "repeating reversimals" parallels that of repeating decimals, but is generally simpler, due to the way that carrying works in the Hindu-Arabic framework (namely it proceeds to the left).We look at addition, multiplication, negatives and converting fractions to reversimals and back again. This is not at all a rigorous lecture, but just introduces a playful, yet curiously powerful, alternative to arithmetic with decimal numbers. It is a fun topic to explore if you have an interest in number theory or just patterns with numbers.
Length: 53:29


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